W.N. 5 / 100


  • High quality treatment of all kind of seeds in rotor / stator principle
  • Flexible treating, coating and pelleting processes
  • Batch treating technology for perfect treating grade
  • Automatic batch operation with free programmable operation of dosing systems
  • Optimal seed to seed distribution
  • Homogeneous seed coating
  • Volume: 50 - 140 l
  • Capacity: up to 18,0 t/h



  • Mixing cone with special bye pass blades
  • Electro-pneumatical seed dosing scale
  • Gravimetric dosing of all kind of products (liquids or powders)
  • Spraying disc (without nozzles) for fine distribution of liquids
  • PLC control with electronic weighing systems
  • Visualization by touch panel display
  • Multiple use of all dosing components during the process



  • Integrated cross stream aspirator to reduce rough and fine dust in raw product
  • Discharge of raw product to reduce deposits
  • Easy, cost-efficient execution: volumetric dosing, timer and relay control
  • Up to 10 dosing units (liquid or powder); up to 3 dosing units for treaters with timer and relay control
  • Database, documentation, network connection, printer, remote maintenance

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