Solutions for high quality coating

Universal batch treating units

Leading phytosanitary experts share the same opinion: Plant protection is steadily more demanding and its future belongs to the batch treating technology. Highest claims to seed quality and rising costs for more effective products require most accurate treating technologies with exact dosing of chemical liquids. The universal batch treating units are suitable for high quality treatments of all kind of seeds. They were mainly developed for liquid, slurry and special treatment of easy or poor flowing seeds with specific surface absorption. This especially includes vegetable seeds, sugar beets and corn. For years we provide PLC controlled units which achieve excellent treatment qualities also with above mentioned crops. Since 1999 we offer batch treating units with capacities from 3,0 t/h – 30 t/h as leading manufacturer worldwide. As a result of this development the batch technology also got economical and technological interesting for common seed processing.


In automatic batch operation all processes (feeding, treating, discharging) are automated.

The required seed quantity is prepared by a dosing unit and released to the mixing chamber. The treating process is based on the rotor / stator principle. The seed is accelerated by a rotating mixing cone and moves to the top of the static cylinder wall. Special bye pass blades on top of the wall guide the rising seed back down to the middle. So a fine seed curtain is built around the chemical liquid spraying disc. The spraying disc produces a fine fog of chemical liquid which coats the inner seed curtain as well as the ascending seed at the cylinder wall.

Simultaneously or afterwards powdery mediums (e.g. for better flow characteristics) can be added by a powder dosing unit. Adjustable dosing times allow a homogeneous seed coating and an optimal seed to seed distribution. Afterwards the individually adjustable final mix ensures perfect treating grades.

Afterwards seed drying is not necessary.

  1. Batch treater is ready
  2. Mixing cone is filled with seed
  3. Seed is accelerated by the rotating mixing cone
  4. Dosing of chemical liquid
  5. Fine distribution of chemical liquid by spraying disc
  6. Dosing of powder
  7. Final mix of coated seed
  8. Discharge of seed through outlet flap
  9. Cycle is finished, batch treater is ready