Solutions for high quality coating

Continuous liquid seed treaters

Our range of continuous working liquid seed treaters contains 5 types with capacities from 1 t/h – 30 t/h. Our treating units guarantee a high quality treatment of all common cereals. Due to their nylon brush augers for a gentle and effective mixture the types W.N. 8 – W.N. 30 are furthermore suitable for treatment of corn and legumes. Niklas treaters are universally applicable for all chemical liquids and treating methods (e.g. liquid or slurry treatment, incrustation or special treatment).


The liquid treaters guarantee a high quality treatment in continuous operation. The capacities are stepless adjustable within the particular machine limits. To achieve a perfect treating grade our units are equipped with electronic dosing technology for seed and chemical liquids.

All treaters need a feeding hopper to guarantee a continuous treating process. The raw product is dosed into the spray chamber where it gets coated by a fine fog of chemical liquid which is distributed by the spraying disc. The fine spray of chemical liquid guarantees a homogeneous seed coating and an optimal seed to seed distribution.

After primary distribution the product flows into the mixing chamber where a nylon brush auger (W.N. 6: stainless steel auger) finally mixes the seeds gentle and effective.

The coated product is discharged through the end outlet where it is ready for further transport or bagging. At lower capacities and with a double bagging spout it is possible to bag off directly at the machine.

The special rotary pump conveys chemical liquid into a dosing tank. Inside the tank a scoop wheel, powered by the seed metering roller, scoops the required quantity of chemical liquid (according to rpm of seed metering roller) which directly flows to the spraying chamber. There the spraying disc distributes the liquid homogeneously.

Depending on the chosen type of scoop wheel an adjustable overflow slide regulates the level of chemical liquid inside the dosing tank. Through the return hose all surplus liquid flows back to the original chemical liquid tank. By that especially water-based liquids are mixed up continuously and aerosols cannot descent.