W.N. 14


  • High quality treatment in continuous operation
  • Suitable for all common cereals as well as for legumes
  • Standardized treating process
  • Electronic dosing technology for seed and chemical liquid for a perfect treating grade
  • Free selection of up to two liquid dosing units during automatic operation
  • Optimal seed to seed distribution
  • Homogeneous seed coating
  • Capacity: 2 - 14 t/h



  • Patented product dosing technology
  • Seed metering roller for volumetric seed dosing
  • Volumetric scoop wheel technology for exact dosing of liquid products
  • Large-volume primary distribution with spraying disc (without nozzles) for fine distribution of liquid products
  • Nylon brush auger for a gentle and effective mixture
  • Contactor and relay control for automatic operation
  • Capacity continuously adjustable (manual)
  • After calibration a change of capacity effects an automatic adjustment of seed and chemical liquid



  • Integrated cross stream aspirator to reduce rough and fine dust in raw product
  • Up to two dosing units for liquid products
  • Mixing tanks, conveying and weighing technique
  • Flexible process adjustments (mechanical, electrical, programming) up to customers choice