Spare parts / Accessories for trating units (e.g.: pumps, spraying units, brush augers, etc.)

Conveyor belts

Elevator belts and buckets

Gear motors





Product pipes

Aspiration pipes

Wear protection inlays

Slide coatings

Any kind of wearing parts





Plant optimization


Preparing of an explosion zone consideration incl. explosion zoning plan:

Used materials (material dates, quantity, explosion index number)

Brief description of plant- and process engineering

Tabular documentation of expected zones 20, 21 and 22 during production

Description of the necessary explosion protection methods (technical, constructional and organizational protection methods)


Support for the architect during the preparation of the building application documents (weight indications, weight points, circulation areas)

Proposal for building geometry in the machine areas

Plant and business description with plant drawing and flow diagram for product, aspiration and compressed air

Preparation of a "Consideration of explosion vulnerable areas" and an explosion zone classification including explosion zoning plan


Proposal for building geometry in the machine areas

Systematic listing of the whole technical equipment

Compilation of projection results in tabular form

3D plant models with appropriate 2D deductions

Flow diagram for the seed processing plant

Forecast for media usage (electrical supply - based on a motors and sensors list, compressed air, water, wastewater, inlet air, outlet air) including a positioning proposal for the aggregates (compressor plants, filter plants) respectively for connection points of feeding and waste disposal lines in the building (water supply, wastewater removal, gas supply for drying plant)


Analysis of existing plants and their components

Proposal for optimization of material flow (product, aspiration, etc.)

Proposal for a reduction of operating facilities and emissions (compressed air, energy, outlet air, dust, noise, etc.)


From installation start until plant start up

Supervision and coordination by our own fitters

Complete installation works or instruction of fitters provided by the customer