Sampling device type 07-200


  • A representative sample is taken from the total cross sectional area due to funnel pre and back stroke
  • In rest position the sampling funnel is located beyond the volume flow


Sampling material

  • Grainy, dry, free flowing bulk goods, e.g.: all kind of cereals
  • Bulk density 0,50 - 0,85 kg/dm³



  • Samples are collected by a small pyramidal funnel with a sample collection slot which is moved through the whole volume of the passing material



  • In pipework DN 200
  • Integration in diagonal (35 - 55°) or vertical pipework


Standard construction

  • Collecting slot 12 mm, with electro-pneumatical drive
  • Controlling by timer relay in separate control box
  • Adjustable sampling interval from 1...60 samples/h

Download dimension sheet