W.N. 5 / 01 Lab


  • High quality treatment of all kind of seeds in rotor / stator principle
  • Flexible treating, coating and pelleting process
  • Batch treating technology for perfect treating grade
  • Manual batch operation
  • Optimal seed to seed distribution
  • Homogeneous seed coating
  • Capacity: 0,4 - 6,0 l



  • Mixing cone with special bye pass blades
  • Rotating mixing cone is feeded manually with appropriate quantity of seed
  • Manual dosing of all products (liquids or powders)
  • Spraying disc (without nozzles) for fine distribution of liquids
  • Discharge of treated seeds into bags or boxes by manually operated discharge flap
  • Relay and timer control
  • Unit mounted on movable base frame with stainless steel workplate



  • Semi-automatic, volumetric dosing pump for liquid products
  • Semi-automatic, volumetric dosing unit for powder products
  • Cone top lid with 6 special bye pass blades for optimal distribution of light seeds
  • Electronic control variations for automatic operation
  • 3 blade extensions for the bye pass blades mounted on cone top lid to reduce the capacity down to approx. 0,3 l / batch
  • Put on collar 15mm, adapted to the cone top lid, to extend the capacity up to approx. 4,5 l / batch

Download dimension sheet