Dust filter type RA/RB/RD

  • Separation of dry and easy sticking dust particles
  • Low loss of pressure
  • Construed for continuous operation


Standard construction

  • Certified ATEX execution
  • Pressure shock resistant filter housing with a coiled cylindric filter chamber
  • Cylindric filter hoses, towed over the support cages
  • System for automatic hose cleaning
  • Clean air outlet in the upper section
  • Hose changing from the side through a maintenance door
  • Filter control with adjustable pulse- and intervall time as well as supervision of the filter functions
  • Explosion relief membrane and membrane crack sensor
  • Antistatic filter hoses



  • Rotary valves
  • Rotary blade level indicators in the cone
  • Explosion relief to atmosphere
  • Flameless explosion relief
  • Lower frame and catwalk
  • Relief valves
  • Bursting pot
  • Pipings (basic, pressure shock resistant)
  • Suction fans



  • RA: with discharge cone, for small and light dust particles
  • RB: with scraper bottom (reduced construction hight), for fine and light dust particles
  • RD: Total separator for vacuum cleaning systems or material separating in pneumatic conveying systems